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Magical Mirror

Magical mirror you hang upon the wall,

You show me an image of a tender and gentle soul.

Looking deep into her eyes, I touch her divine soul,

A loving tenderness, I sense a fragile heart deep within.

I pause in my way to know this beautiful child of a god.

As her journey began to unfold her story was of sad promise.

Her pathway travelled not easy, quite sad in fact.

The road travelled laden with barbed wire, her soft feet gently tread.

Innocent love wrenched from her heart; trust she must rebuild.

For a sister treated as such, some souls will pay a high price.

My heart cried tears of blood, my soul heavy with sadness,

I reach out my hand to show her all are not the same.

I reach through the night sky, place healing hands on her heart,

I summon universal justice for those who did her wrong.

I plead for divine love to brighten her loving soul.

I cannot undo what was done, that is her cross to carry.

My hand of friendship is all I can offer this princess of the light,

Walk by her side as far as she needs, set her feet on solid ground.

Instil in her a trust in mankind, lighten her load, bring joy to her soul,

See light shine in her eyes once more, as her lips crease in sensuous smiles.

Walk tall, sweet daughter of light, wrongs of others are not yours to hold.

Learning from the past, place your feet gently on the path you tread.

Learn from life’s way the love of the universe, binding all as one.

When your heart again soars free as an eagle, know you have conquered.

When my hand you no longer need; like a faint breeze, I will be gone.

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