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No Man's Land

Serpents adorned in colours of the rainbow fill the sky,

Dark clouds as black as night obscure my vision.

Glimpse of light give faint hope of better days,

Keeps the will to hold on to dreams unrealised.

The serpent around my neck tightens its hold,

My labouring breath is slowly strangled.

The raven’s claws grasp my heart, vessels rupture,

Life’s blood flows free staining the ground beneath.

Spiralling in darkness, the fires of hell glow bright,

I slide to where the wolves hunger.

A distant light glowing faintly, peaceful serenity beckons,

With peaceful smiles, loving hands urge me on.

With no eyes to see or ears to hear I just let life be,

I walk in the shadows as I walk with the light.

I burn in hell’s intense fires as I bask in peaceful light,

I stand inert, poised in a place known as ‘no man’s land’.


Written content by Rainier Poetry

Image credits to Canva

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