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Nothing About You I Despise - with Jenith Minion

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Warm smiles greet as I open my eyes to the new dawn.

Your face aglow you reach out, a soft caress of your lips.

The warmth of your body beside me all so enticing.

I look in your eyes so bright, I see a love so true residing within.

As I hold you close, my heart swells in seas of warm emotions.

As a new day dawns with you besides me, I see nothing I despise.

Breaking the bounds of old, my character holds many dark shades,

Though the darkness, I never knew I would find a ravishing light in you,

My demeanour and facial expressions, I have never noticed or loved,

But you capture it all, with your photographic eyes, you truly admire!

How would I express my timid feelings, as you value me to the core?

As the day unfolds so bright, we stride in a synchronicity so right.

Your voice a sweet melody, your heart’s words so gentle and kind.

Your bright smile as I gaze your way brightens dark clouds above.

You slide your hand in mine, grasping gently I let my longing flow.

As our hearts are bonded together, a union we form encased in bliss.

As the day wanes with the glow of sunset near, I feel nothing I despise.

My inner wounds tearing me apart, I see the broken version of me,

My heart’s longings ever so painful, I stopped looking to a forever,

My inner thoughts imprisoned within the scars of my days of old,

My broken heart in solitude, I lived within my self-made walls,

How did you ever destroy my walls and love this sombre heart?

Appearing out of the blue, you touched my tender heart with a love,

Vanquishing my anguished tears, love’s bliss I found with you.

From afar you occupied me in full, you took my loneliness away,

Your heart’s words filled of love, diminished my silence and solitude.

Your presence means the world to me, you fill my void with love’s joy,

Wrapped in heaven’s bond of love, forever I am there to walk beside you!

Each new day a mystery, we anticipate what is to transpire for us.

Savouring each tender moment, we allow our bond of love to flourish.

With no inhibitions, the physical expression of our love we explore.

The words spoken from two hearts complimentary, nothing held back.

The blending of unique journeys as separate paths collide enticing.

As I hold you close in rapture, there is nothing about you I despise.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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