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My words are but simple thoughts; voiced out loud,

Much like a map; to some perhaps a signpost,

But each journey must be realised; only from deep within,

The will to take each step; we each hold in our grasp,

Unique paths we may travel; still the destiny remains the same.

When all is lost; from a stroke of misfortune,

Seek amongst the ashes; find that which abides,

Build upon the morsels you find; to rise again in life’s way,

As the smallest of seeds will grow; into the grandest of trees,

Rise again my dear friend; to all you can ever be.

Reflect on that voice within; in the still of the night,

Feel your heart’s yearning; for therein lies your direction,

The road you must travel; to complete the journey of your Soul,

Look not in despair; for the riches you failed to acquire,

For all you will take to the cold cauldron; is learned within.

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