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Peaceful Harmony

Silent thoughts echo in the corners of my mind.

Raindrops on the walkway deafeningly loud.

An empty space fills a heart left yearning.

The happy sound of children at play no longer fills the air,

The sound of your sweet laughter now in a distant past.

A restless road to who knows where?

Lonely streets filled of smiling strangers,

Busily rushing in search of their goals.

I simply drift in thought and reflection,

Searching for meaning of the substance of my life.

Many faces come, many go by, only a few remain.

Dressed in cloaks of many colours,

Each unique in the creator’s design.

Differing priorities but each searching the same,

Peace and fulfillment of hearts lain bare.

The destiny the same for all, a peaceful place of rest.

Infinite paths we travel from beginning to the end.

Starting with a blank canvas we each paint our story.

The years of boisterous youth a distant past,

Life now subdued; I just smile in peaceful harmony.

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