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People of the Tribe

Broken dreams and faded hopes,

People of the tribes meander aimlessly.

Lost of direction, life simply goes on,

Spirits once strong now remain diffused.

Worldly leaders come and go,

Words dripped with honey; deceit lies beneath.

Promises of a better tomorrow for all,

When this tomorrow will dawn, no one knows.

Bonded by the unseen threads of humanity,

Societies move onwards as best they know how.

Shoulders to lean on, helping hands when in need,

The tribes move on in search of the promised land.

Many tragedies fill our books of history,

But we continue to prevail on a journey forward.

The strength of our tribal bond often tested,

By acts of nature and the many blunders of man.

The tribe’s strength is in unity, together we must stand,

Divided we will fail; nothing must divide us to conquer.

Shoulder to shoulder we must face the winds of heaven,

The tribe’s people must stand united, beneath a rainbow sky.

At the end of each journey, other paths we must each travel.

I must know you, as you must know me, for we were once one,

Again, we shall all be as one, when the river of time is done.

When each journey is done, people of the tribes will be as one.


Cover Image Credits to Pinterest

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