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Queen of Hearts

Strolling into town, I enter a tavern to quench a dry throat,

The wolf satisfies his thirst as he gains his breath by the door.

A bard on stage sings his tales; the townsfolk seem entertained.

He sings of a maiden, who dwells in the woods beyond the town,

She is the Queen of Hearts he sings, but none should go near he warns.

As the bard took a spell, I bought him a drink and quizzed him some,

Intrigued by his tale, I wanted to know more of this mythical Queen.

He said “Son stay away from her land, for none ever return sane,

Many pretty women in town who entertain, to while away your time,

Do not cross the woods beyond the bridge, just save your soul”.

On the next morn I stood by the bridge, studying the woods beyond.

Heeding no warning, the wolf by my heel, I entered the Queen’s domain.

The forest was eerie, soon I came upon an old house built sturdy.

My knock was unanswered, so I walked through a door left open,

To my surprise the house was empty, devoid of life for many a year.

Bemused I scouted the land, till a lake I came upon quite unexpected.

By the bank I sat to ponder, the fate of the mythical Queen of Hearts.

As I sat lost in thought, an apparition so serene, rose from the water,

Alarmed by the sight my heart skipped a beat, words I could not speak,

For I knew this lady of no substance; she was my lover in days gone by.

Our love was intense till I was sent to fight in the bloody wars,

On my return I lived adrift, now my feet stand in this quaint old town.

She was told I had ceased to be; a stray bullet had found my heart.

Heartbroken she aimlessly wandered, till on this land she made a home,

She sought to build a new life, leaving the sad past behind.

As time went by her heart failed to mend; this lake she made her grave,

She searched many dimensions, looking for her lover’s soul to no avail,

But on this day as I sat humbled; my heart in pieces, tears flowed free.

Finding me here her heart found peace, for the truth she now knew,

Her troubled soul may now rest in divine peace, till we can, again meet.

Over the days, we talked of the years gone and the memories we shared.

Peace she had found, her soul now at rest, my time to go had come.

My sack on my back, the wolf at my heels, we said our final goodbyes.

Back in the town, the bard had many questions, some I answered,

I left town on the next morn; the Queen of Hearts mystery, laid to rest.


Cover Image courtesy of Canva Images

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Jun 01, 2021

This is deep, such a well constructed story in poem! Those stanzas are structured so well and the ending of the poem holds the beauty of the Title! I loved reading it. Such a brilliant write.. Thank you for writing such a fabulous piece. 😉

Jun 02, 2021
Replying to

Thank you ever so much for reading the poem in full Jenith, very much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the read and very much appreciate your beautiful feedback.



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