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Red Dirt Sunset - Poem

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Standing on solid rock, I gaze up at the bright blue sky,

A vivid rainbow serpent arches across the sky overhead,

Prompting memories of brighter times in days long gone by,

Flying amongst silver clouds, dancing on rainbows in glee.

Then I breathe in; a reminder I still stand on solid ground.

Returning to reality, I resume my trek through the barren land.

Storms ahead, red dirt rises violently in the strengthening winds,

Soon it will infiltrate every pore of my being, akin to new love at first,

The red silica grains will soon choke, akin to love when it has fallen,

As each desert storm rises in earnest, it soon subsides in a red dirt sunset.

In the distance I see the campfires of a nomadic tribe,

Perhaps I will head their way, share a meal, and sit for a while.

With some luck, a man of medicine can heal this heavy heart of mine,

Lighten the burdens I carry within, set me free to run free in the wild.

The sky aflame as red dirt hangs in the air lit by the setting desert Sun.

Approaching the campfire, wild men look on me with apprehension.

Soon the tension eases, I am offered a meal of yams and meat,

An intoxicating liquid reaches my lips, soon I drift in mild relaxation,

I dance to tribal music, young maidens giggle behind cupped hands.

I carry a heart absent of love, but I dance under a red dirt sunset.

A medicine man looks at me in the morn, a quizzical stare in his eyes.

Placing a gnarled hand on my heart, a vile serum he makes me drink,

He simply says, “Now go on your journey, find in you what is missing”.

So I resumed my trek leaving singular footprints on the barren red sands,

Singing to myself my feet kept walking, till the next red dirt sunset finds me.


Image Credits to Pinterest

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