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Red Dress and High Heels - with Jenith Minion

I see you walk in the room, your presence so captivating.

The flowing red dress twirls around your knees in elegance,

The high heels on your feet defining, a figure all so alluring.

Joy in your eyes as you dance in grace to the rhythm of the beat,

Drink in hand I stand in watch, my eyes glued to your every move.

Captured closely by your sight, I look for an escape inherently.

Not a strange happening is this, though I feel timidly flustered.

I forever stayed within boundaries; will I now strengthen it further?

Sliding into your alluring glance, I wonder what is my stance?

Flowered as a rose, my cheerful cheeks welcome the very sight of you!

I catch your subtle glances my way, my heart skips many beats.

I sense a hesitation beneath, my mind twirls with many questions,

Is it a shyness you feel, or fears of the scars left by those gone by?

I ask the barman for a double of his best, I need to find my bravado,

I wish to walk up and take you in my arms; my feet find it hard to move.

I do not know why I am struck so much, my heart panting in gasps,

I do not express how I feel; what I need, I still do not have the answers,

Is it a block within my guarded mind or do bleeding tears, still linger by?

I look around in panic, filled with anxiety, I do not know what I am to do,

I love for things go in a natural flow; may my barriers fly away somehow!

With my alcohol filled courage, walking up, I tapped you on the shoulder,

As you turned, we swayed to the music, I was dancing with the lady in red.

As I sensed your hesitation, the rivers of my own past fears began to flow,

I have walked many roads of dead ends before; my heart can bear no more.

I can no longer dwell on a threshold; I will leave my fate to heaven’s script.

With my hands in yours, my trust moved on to solid ground,

As my thread of admiration grows, my heart’s hesitations are freed,

As our hearts moved closer together, showers of joy filled my inner being,

I have always adored the Prince and Princess who command a dance floor,

I cannot scribe a better story, for I find myself a Princess crowned.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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