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Rejection of My Confessions

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

You fear we near the end of the road with no alternative,

But princess the Sun and the Moon exist as opposites,

Our differences is what saw us united.

Yes, your imperfection has become my obsession,

But it is for me to own and strive to overcome.

Yes, it is a fixation on your rejection of my confession,

But I confessed so we hold no secrets amidst our foundations.

My heart I bare so you see through doors wide open.

I confess my imperfections, so you know what you get.

It is for you to know if you can be accepting of my confessions,

As I kneel at the confessional to show you who I am.

If the hurdles seem too high for you to overcome,

I will lay my fixation on your rejections to rest,

But if we rise above sins long past, our bond will hold no lies.

I leave you in thoughts of your own to ponder the future,

Your answers you must find from within, for they are your own.

Time is of no essence; our truths must be funded for a future.

You must know you can rise above rejection of my confessions,

For without knowing beyond doubt there can be no future.

I will be gone in the morn, leave you to your own devices,

When your answers you have clear, our future we will know.

This poem was inspired by a prompt from the lovely @psitsallrandom

"Your imperfection has become my obsession,

It is a fixation on your rejection of my confession."


Cover Image courtesy of Pinterest

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