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Relinquishing Control

In simpleness you stood, unadorned in gold and glitter.

The tenderness of your smile so innocent, deeply enticing.

Beneath the layers I see a fierceness with strength abound,

A lioness who protects all that is dear, relentless you dance.

Like a lion I roam the land without concern, no threat do I fear,

Always in control of the path I tread, smiling I watch you from afar,

Content to relinquish control, I let you lead our unfolding story,

My faith confidently placed in you; with heaven’s help may it unfold.

Belief in the love we share surmounts the uncertainties ahead of us,

What is meant to be will be, I place my trust in heaven’s providence.

I trust in the purity of your heart, I believe in your determined intent,

An inner knowing you will come through; deliver us at nirvana’s door.

The end of the road we do not know, in faith we follow divine instincts,

The day our paths crossed I will always cherish; I pray there is no end.

In faith I follow our unfolding story, live through each page turned,

Relinquishing control alien to my being, yet another lesson I learn.


Image credits to Pinterest

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