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Empty streets void of life, except for the desolate homeless,

Huddled by open fires, they stay warm from the bitter cold.

Bawdy music fills the sound of the ghetto, people live life’s way.

In the shadows you lurk, like a beast that watches his prey.

Unseen I stalk in deep shadows, watching you move patiently.

In stealth you work the shadows, sizing for an easy prey,

The full Moon rising, stimulating your venomous passions,

Innocent souls you stalk to violate, all for a sick satisfaction.

Tonight, the tables will turn, you will soon meet thy maker,

For tonight comes retribution, here I will lay down my burden.

In times long gone you took all I loved, since then I have hunted,

Watching your every move, clear my mind of all shadows of doubt.

Here you feel the cold steel of my blade before you seize your prey.

Tonight, the walls of hell will shake, as your soul I surrender in glee,

Heaven may forfeit my soul, a price I gladly pay for retribution.

A silent ghost, I stand so close; your foul odour fills my keen scent,

The predator now the prey, the dark side of my heart is loosened.

My blade ever so sharp; no hesitation of mind in the intent to kill,

A white rage within perfectly still; the calm before a violent storm,

Reflexes lithe and nimble void of all tension, death is ready to strike.

My love’s troubled soul will now find rest, justice will be paid in full.

You will regret all your vile actions; you will plead for divine mercy.

My love will fly to heaven’s door, while you stoke the fires of hell.

Another innocent child you will not take, more souls will not go waste,

In me you birthed a heartless mercenary, now I hunt for those like you.


Image credits to Pinterest

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