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Riding the Waves

Holding on tight, riding the waves of life.

The will to go on at times a question,

The sound of the winds of change cold and haunting,

But one must go on for life is a precious gift.

Thoughts of you give the strength to go on.

We have walked by this way in times gone past,

Still, we prevailed riding the bumps on the road.

When all seemed lost, life gifted us hope unexpected,

Starting from nothing we made a life of our own.

Our hearts invigorated we trudged down life’s road.

We promised our love to be true beyond life’s reproach.

We gave it all we had; we can walk with heads held high.

Together we travelled a long way, but life has many avenues.

We laughed and we cried, as we danced holding on close,

Each moment I will always remember way beyond my grave.

We may now be done, the end of the road at our door.

We may cry as our hearts bleed, as forever is now shortened,

But there should be no regret, what had to be, has been.

We may no longer walk hand in hand, but we should walk proud,

Hold high the waves that we rode for that does not change.


Cover image courtesy of Canva

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