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Stranger in Town

In a smoke-filled bar; I sit perched on a barstool,

I say to the barman, Sir, may I please have a drink?

Perhaps leave the bottle, for it will soon be empty,

Some water for the wolf, for he thirsts outside,

The man says, Son, I want no trouble, my house is of peace,

I say, Sir, I bring no trouble, but if trouble should find me,

I will be right here, having a drink in quiet reflection.

A pretty damsel walks by, looks me up and down,

Lips painted a ruby red, highlights in her hair compliment her eyes

She says howdy stranger, mind if I sit for a while,

I may be what you look for, buy me a drink, lets talk for a while,

I say, lady if you look for Mr. right, best to walk on by,

But if you are looking for a good time, perhaps sit for a while,

For I am on a mission of discovery, I will be gone in the morn.

The music man starts playing, to brighten the mood,

I say, kind Sir, would you play me a song or two,

Perhaps a somebody did someone a wrong song, sombre the mood,

For I am on a journey of self-discovery, the wolf is my companion,

When I find what is within, my life’s purpose may unfold,

Perhaps when purpose is known, I will find the keeper of my heart,

The illusive dream, hiding within mystical layers unseen.

Perhaps then a home in the hills, where the wolf can roam free,

Curl up by the fire at night, enchanted by the love beside me,

My feet firmly on the ground, in a place we can call home,

Together we may walk, uncovering our story one page at a time,

Perhaps the wolf will nurture his brood, while our hearts sing of joy,

Learn as our story unfolds, find peace through the twilight years,

My gypsy Soul finally at rest, I may find love’s lasting way.

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