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Strong Enough

When I wake to the new dawn, darling will you be gone?

I remember in the days long gone by, the promise of the rising Sun,

Filled our hearts with joy, we waited for the Sun to go down,

Only to be wrapped in each other arms at night till the new dawn,

If I was to wake alone in the morn, I pray I would be strong enough,

I will try to be strong enough, to stand up straight and walk again,

I was struck by a blinding light, when our two worlds did collide,

If you were here till the end of time, it would not be too long.

Hope we can soon find a way back, build a home strong enough,

Find a life where our love is strong enough, to see the days till the end of time,

To bring back the days when we were one, are we strong enough?

I woke in the morn, and you were gone, I will try to be strong enough.

I was born to love, a love that is always strong enough,

Make it through when the times are tough enough, one step at a time.

Loudly sing life's sweet songs, if you would only play me the tune,

To love with no holding back, I will be strong enough to love right through.


Written content by Rainier Poetry

Image Credits to Canva

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