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Sword of Justice

Deep shadows fall across the barren plains,

The half moon casting faint shadows on the land.

I wait in shadow, watching his every move,

The sword of justice hangs lethally on my hip.

Typical of the predator, I wait to strike on my terms.

Driven by a sense of justice, I balance the equation,

Patiently I stalk the guilty, pay tribute to the innocent.

I take no bounty for my deeds, I do it to cleanse my soul,

The blood of the guilty flows, where I tread coyotes feed well,

Innocent souls fallen in vain, I set free to go into the light.

He sits by the campfire, smug in his accomplishments,

An innocent child now motherless, all for his moment of lust,

Rape was not sufficient, her innocent life to waste he insisted.

We may seem to be the same, but we kill for a differing cause,

The sword of justice will feed tonight, his life will be shed.

I was set free in years gone by, when all that I love was taken,

By the hand of his kind, she paid the price, her life was taken.

For the price of her innocent life, the sword of justice was born,

In the hands of a merciless drifter, the scales of justice balance.

Darkness may shroud my soul; with heaven I make my peace.


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