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The Execution

Arms tied behind his back, he stood back against the wall,

He faced the rifles in an even gaze, he knew the end had come.

He looked into her eyes and said, please say a prayer for me,

The time has now come, the god’s have set me free of pain,

The Angels await nearby, ready to take me home.

I may not hold you any longer, but I will watch you from above,

Through veils that separate our worlds, I will watch as you walk,

The warmth of your flesh and blood, I will no longer know,

Simple memories we shared, etched in gold on the fabric of time.

If we ever meet in heaven’s kingdom, we can reminisce our story.

The rifles barked in unison; a body shuddered in silence as it fell.

Human life lay upon the ground, life’s blood soaking the sand.

Like a wisp of warm air, he wrapped himself around her,

The brush of his lips of no substance, he caressed upon her lips,

The Angels reached out loving hands, tenderly they carry him home.


Image credits to Pinterest

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