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The Final Dance

Here we stand on the threshold; awaiting the next step,

The end of a stage; in the illusion of our lives,

Born in different worlds; still our origin the same,

The road through childhood and adolescence; we have conquered,

Adulthood we now face; a common path we have chosen to take.

Many roads I have travelled; in many a corner, I have looked,

Not finding that what I sought; I gave up the search,

Now you stand in front of me; I pledge you my life to share,

The gift of a partner through life; the joy of two loving Souls you brought unto me,

For this I thank thee; I live in hope, I am all that you dreamt me to be.

I came unto you; as you lay stagnant in your life,

We stepped into the unknown; to create a life of our own,

A long road with many hurdles we faced; now it lies behind us,

For here we all stand in unity; pledging our vows,

May the life ahead of us be as the flowers; blossoming with each day.

Hand in hand may we walk; gently guiding our young,

Finding comfort in each other’s love; let us face the winds of tomorrow.

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