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The Journey of Life

As I amble along slowly but surely; along a windy road, the path of life,

Surrounded by the many colours; things of great beauty,

Cool clear water; the lush green trees,

Sweet song birds fill the sky; during warm sunlit days,

The faraway stars glow in the dark; on long cold nights,

All these I see and wonder; how it all began, in days gone yonder,

The past, the present, the future; all true, for an instant of time,

Why am I here, what do I seek; where is the end?

A small speck; in a very large ocean,

Searching for the answers; of things I once did forget,

My heart is so tired; I cannot sleep at night,

They say life is so simple; when one is at home,

But where is this home; where could it be?

Does it lay hidden; beyond my frail vision?

Will I ever find it; as I walk this strange land?

I understand black and white; the many shades of grey,

But what is right and wrong; the many variations of its form,

I understand man and his machines; the fields of his science,

The works of the material; man’s flight to the moon,

All this I can learn; at a time that I choose,

But what of my vehicle; my body, mind and Soul?

What is memory; what is thought?

What are my emotions; what are my dreams in the still of night?

What is my life source; where does it come from?

What makes it all happen; who shows me my part?

Who shows us each; where we fit in to the puzzle?

The game of life; what purpose does it serve?

Is there a great need; for the answers I seek?

Are we alone; or are there others that move in the night?

Are we part of a whole; thus our lives entwined,

To create the play; the play of life,

Are we the actors; as well as the audience?

If life is the play; perhaps the stage is this great land of clay.

Father is it thy will; that I walk by this way,

To learn of the truth; so complete and true,

To learn from each lesson; that you gently guide me through,

Do I lay among the flowers; fighting each dark demon?

Do I learn from each tear; as I cherish each smile?

The tears of today; are they the smiles of tomorrow?

Do I listen to thy voice; in the dark of the night?

Or do I fall from pillar to post; to show me the way?

Should I blindly run; to achieve my meagre goals?

Goals that simply fade, as soon as I conquer,

Should I work against my brother; to satisfy my own needs?

Do we all work together; to benefit the whole?

Is each unique one needed; as each piece in a jig-saw,

To complete the picture; to complete the whole,

Or do we all blindly stumble along; from hole to hole,

On a long windy road; on a journey unknown,

Or do we listen to thy soft voice; in the still of the night?

Yes my sweet friend; I shall listen to the one within,

To find all the answers; to the questions I seek,

As I slowly walk through; this journey of life,

Until I reach the great place; where the silence is truly golden.

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