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The Journey Within

A long time has passed now; since I first looked, into those clear blue eyes,

I have travelled a long way since; on the long hard road within,

The lessons have been many; the growth, immense.

Lessons for the one within; the Souls maturity.

Yes, her eyes are long gone now,

But their memory in full clarity; simply linger on still,

Like the soft fragrance; of her sweet perfume,

Inscribed on a memory; throughout all time,

Their effect, still shines bright; as I travel along, a path so right,

On that long journey; deep into the light.

I cannot turn back now; I must go on,

Just as the body; must return to the earth,

I too must return; so complete and true,

To that special place; where we all once began,

On a mission of discovery; the search for ourselves,

As we slowly unwrap the gift of life; all in a play, deep within a play,

The synchronicity so perfect; we each play our own unique role,

To perfect the gift; of a beautiful Soul,

Just as the sun and the moon; move hand in hand,

Do we not dance; like puppets on this vast land?

Always guided; by a gentle hand,

Life! I ask you; is it not truly grand?

All around me; I see much beauty,

Where once was so barren; now beauty abounds,

Things previously unnoticed; now shine like jewels in the night,

What were once hurdles; now lessons for the learning,

The smile of a stranger; the hand of a friend,

The rose and the thorn; love and hate, black and the white,

All ultimately one and the same; all for the learning, deep within,

The eyes of a stranger; the eyes of a friend,

All a simple reflection; of all that is within,

When love and peace reside within; love and peace reside all around,

The stages we create; the characters we play,

All for the growth; of the one within,

Life on an Earth; abound with beauty,

Binding us together; on a quest into the unknown,

Simply to purify; a divine Soul,

Granted to us; by a source unknown.

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