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The River

Sitting at the water’s edge I watch the river flow,

The silvery moonlight flickering on the water entrancing.

Nocturnal sounds fade as my thought grow, our memories fill my mind.

All that we shared; the fun and the laughter, the joys, and the sorrow,

We laughed as we cried when we swam naked in this river.

Our journey was divine, each day a love filled memory.

Endless moments entrenched in seas of love.

We climbed each hurdle as we conquered all foes,

We danced on the water’s edge, plunged in the cool clear water.

Drying in the Sun we made our way home.

As with everything we know life has its way.

Our story now fades, drifting in the river as the water flows,

Memories of us now ashes in the wind.

The river holds our secrets of the love that we shared,

Inscribed on the fabric of life forever it remains.

As I sit by the river, the wolf snuggled by my side.

My thoughts on the road ahead to a destiny unknown.

The mystery of life beckons on a search within.

As the days pass by each layer I slowly unravel,

Glimpses of what is within flickers like the moonlight on the water.

Yesterday is gone, I sit her in the now as I wait for the new day to dawn.

Title Image courtesy of Pinterest

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