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The Ronin

Bags on his back; wheels no longer there,

He takes to the road; the destiny who knows where,

The highway leads him over the hills; the town unaware he is gone,

Silent tears soil the ground; but he does not look back,

Yesterday is of the past; tomorrow just a night away,

Is the road right or wrong; it matters to him not,

Alone he must walk; a Ronin on the loose,

Follow his way; a way of life, a path of choice,

The land of the golden sun and the wild blue sea; he leaves behind,

Walking along the dust filled streets; of a mining town,

He explores the elements; dug from the ground,

Akin to his body; made of the ground,

Alone he seems to be; except to those who can see beyond,

Clothed in a simple man’s robes; a warrior of the past stands tall,

By the side of the master less warrior he walks; never saying much,

Together they walk; to where the next lesson awaits.

The lessons are many; taught from life that surrounds him,

The tools of many; he learns to use,

The way of the sword; the way of the flower,

Ultimately the same; once their paths are learned,

The yin and the yang must be the same; a state of perfect balance,

As the atom in our creation; needs a balance to exist,

He must too; in all facets of life,

For as the atom can create; it can destroy all life, nuclear fission,

Thus, he plays his role; in each unique play,

The stage created; by the source, the Logos,

Guided to the place in time; by his friend and helper,

He is there to learn his lessons; play his simple role,

Protected by the love; of his silent and wise old friend,

Together they roam the hills of this land; joint by a silent bond,

A bond; they each will not break.

Friends of new he meets; each so unique,

The friends of the past; he happens to meet,

Each grown in their separate ways; paths of their own,

Like the branches grow; from the trunk of the old oak tree,

Each so different; still linked to the source,

Some are built of might; others of simplicity,

Each driven; by their different desires,

Some by the grandeur; some by the force of love,

Some stand closely knit; others stand alone,

Together they stand; to complete the whole,

The Ronin sees all; learning the paths of each,

He walks the vast lands; the lands of his home,

All for one reason; to unburden his roaming Soul.

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