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The Search

When I walked alone on this vast land, following heaven’s way,

Deep in inner reflection, searching each corner, beneath every stone,

Seeking what is within, through experience of what is around without,

Uncovering each layer, delving ever deeper towards the core.

Each interlude yielding unique experiences, illuminate the path ahead,

Through the fun and joy, tears and sorrow, heavenly signposts show,

The road I had to walk to realise that which is me, the one you see,

If not for the days of yesteryear, the one I am I would not be.

In search of love all encompassing, boundless in a heavenly way,

The union of body, mind, heart and soul, love with no start nor end,

Fruitlessly I walked down many streets, many scars attest the pain,

After the dark clouds moved through, the growth through lessons remain.

In you I met a kindred soul, unexpected our paths crossed,

Differing roads we travelled, do we now merge in a common journey?

Can fears of yesteryear be left in the past, the strength can we summon?

When heart and mind are as one, the hurdles become insignificant.

If our story failed to unfold, for fear or many a reason untold,

Love unobstructed, unconditional, and true would not be realised,

Left blowing in the wind perhaps till we crossed heaven’s door,

Holding no regret, I will search beyond the veils shrouding what is within.


Written content by Rainier Poetry

Image credits to Pinterest

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