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The Traveller

As he arrives; warm smiles to greet,

A subtle hesitation; for they know him not,

This soon is to be; just a passing phase,

For all he seeks; simple peace, love and harmony,

Unity among us; for we make up this world,

But trouble surrounds him; he seems to follow its wake,

Perhaps trouble; is his real name,

He hears a cry for help; in the silent dark of the night,

Somehow, he is there; at the right time and place,

He pauses for a while; just to lend a helping hand,

Then he moves on; leaving no trace,

No, not a footprint; on the shadows of this land,

For when the traveller goes; a cool wind blows.

Lord! peace, love and harmony; you have taught him,

Why? When these you do not grant him,

The sweet love and joy of kids; you grant him in abound,

But still you grant him not; any of his own,

Often the love of the people; mistaken by others, for reasons of their own,

How to truly love you have shown him; but a wife he still eludes,

I guess what good is a partner and kids; for a life on the road,

Is it not wasteful; the love he has learned,

When there is so many that reside; in love they have never known,

The tools to be of help; is it not all he would need.

Many cry out his name; but it is to no avail,

Stay for a while they say; perhaps a life, or maybe more

But just when it is felt he will stay; he is but simply gone,

Does he not tire; or cry in the night,

Of the many sad goodbyes; to the many he has known,

What is the purpose of his life oh lord; where does thou take him,

On these long journeys in the still of the night; deep into the unknown,

Where does he go; what does he see,

Is there something out there; that simply eludes me,

Is it to a place called Nirvana; that that he calls home,

You seem to know best sweet lord; thus, I shall leave it unto thee,

Maybe one day you will grant him; all you have taught him,

Perhaps till that day; which only you know when,

Let the cold winds blow; where the traveller may go.

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