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The Will of the Warrior

Walking in the daring light, many hurdles to overcome.

Dark clouds overhead but sunshine always follows.

Breathing the fresh air, a warrior’s heart marches on,

Following on instinct, cut through the haze of illusion,

Unravel the many mysteries till there is none.

The serpent wrapped around my heart, now draped on my shoulder,

The raven that pecked my liver at night, I now hold in my hand.

Sweet songbirds sing songs of joy as I overcome my demons.

My warrior heart so determined, no foe will deter my goal.

With the strength of the heavens, I wield my golden sword.

Ancient spirits share their wisdom, in stillness their counsel is heard.

Pausing to reflect on nature man learns from his surrounds.

As all the rivers that run meet at the sea,

Our unique paths will meet at heaven’s door.

The spiritual warrior’s sword must pave his way.

Not shying away from experience though pain may lie in wait,

I will walk through the fires, climb each mountain,

Till I stand before thee smiling, my scarred heart in my hand,

Living evidence of my conquest to get to your door.

Urged by an inner desire, the will of the warrior must prevail.

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