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Tree of Wisdom

Alone you stand; so steady and perfectly still,

The gentle breeze; shifting your lush green leaves,

Strong branches swaying; to the call of the winds,

The sun and the snow; the rain and the drought,

You readily adapt to suit; the conditions of the land,

You stand in all your splendour; pure and simple,

Taking all, the good and bad; the black and white,

Not a word do you ever say; in hopeless protest,

You live in perfect harmony; within the world you are a part of,

As we slowly learn; to live as one.

As we stand here in the sunlight; I realise your wisdom,

We search so far; for knowledge of our kingdom,

Wisdom we fail to see; yet it is all around us,

Man works against his own; while you work together in unity,

You draw your life source; from the focal centre of the earth,

As we do from a centre of centres; some call a God,

We stand helpless at each loss; lost in a world of sadness and gloom,

You just grow another; to replace a fallen tender leaf or seasoned branch,

Your roots entwine; as we do within the unconscious,

You give us so much of you; with no hesitation,

You bring us life’s sweet water; as you shade our mountains,

You grant us the fruit of your burdens; as you do the air that we breathe, With the substance of your body; you keep us warm,

As you safely deliver us; from the elements of the land,

I see much that we owe you; but all so little we grant you.

One day I will fly away; as I leave this world in yesterday,

But where do you go my friend; as you cease to exist in this reality,

Do you return to the earth; as I return to my place of creation?

Do you exist in another dimension; unseen to my naked eye,

Do you dream of a future; or do you just live in the present,

Is not the past, present and future; one and the same for an instance of time?

Is life not death; as death is life,

The sad end of one; the joyous start of another,

Does my vessel become at one with you; when laid down on the cold hard earth,

Is it then that I will understand you; the wisdom you share,

Is it then that I will ever repay you; for all you have done?

Perhaps I shall learn the answers; as I rest in the shade of your leaves,

As I look at you; from deep within another dimension.

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