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Two Fires from One

At this point in time; I pause to reflect,

Of the years gone by; from the beginning of time,

Two young spirit forms; born from the one,

Complete on their own; still a part of the whole,

We walked this earth; through the eons of time,

The inseparable bond we share; a bond through eternity,

The silver chord that links us; never can be broken,

For I am you; as you are me,

Each one; a reality unto each other,

Just as the Yin and the Yang; give reality unto each other,

Together they join; to create the whole.

In times gone by; you were my companion, and I yours,

We shared with each other; all that life had to offer,

We built our mansions; we walked with the poor,

We lived on strange lands; walked endless miles through burning sands,

Learning together; the experience of our emotions,

When I lived by the sword; by me you stood, holding the rose,

Each scar caused by life; you healed by holding out your hand,

When I wrote the words; you sang the songs,

We followed each other; as night follows day,

What each one learnt; we learnt for each other,

In companionship dear lady; we sure did walk hand in hand.

You were my karmic teacher; as I was yours,

Those were the days; we were uneasily drawn to each other,

For the fear was deep within us; of the hard lessons to be learnt,

The lessons of retribution we had to learn; feel the other side of the coin,

We were each the villain; as we were the victim,

Through hate we learned to love; a love unconditional,

As dishonesty taught us honesty; sorrow showed us joy,

We learnt the virtues of patience; found that time is only short,

Through the years of loneliness; we found the gift of sharing,

Each stone one threw; the other would throw back to show its folly,

Ah! Yes, we did learn much; still so much more to go.

As twin flames, we have no barriers; no rules of love,

For we are one in spirit; one in our spiritual origin,

Our very Souls sharing; a complementary calling in life,

Our minds, hearts and consciousness; flowing together from the same fount,

Our inner ties run as deep as the sea; beyond companionship,

You are not only a mirror of mind; but of my very spirit and Soul,

We share so much; our secret longings and aspirations,

We link not only with each other; but with the universal intelligence,

For we are one in the creative mind; the source of us all,

A single atom; a minute part of the whole,

Split into two, the male and female; opposites in balance,

Two blazing fires; born from the one.

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