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Two Stars Collide - with Jenith Minion

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

As I sail into the mystic, riding the cold wild winds,

I see a shining star, ever so bright and luminous.

I drift towards the light, drawn by an unseen thread,

A mystical magic enchanting, I spiral in an eternal twist.

Fearful but also excited, my heart beats in an earnest yearn.

As I admire the beauty of the rains, I find the unexpected entry of you,

As dews of the skies fall upon the oceans, I feel your love in abundance.

Acquainting well to the time frames, we tend to stay so well awake,

Never an obligation we feel, with the pleasure of the experience I melt,

I further formulate here a verse, drenched in your words of kindness.

The magic of the universe plays its cards, unseen hands at play,

Weaving the fabric of a joyous story, perhaps a story of two.

Though my body tires as energy depletes, onwards I spiral with no relent,

My heart in a frenzy rushes towards the star, fearful of losing sight,

All sense of logic now lost; my heart follows a long-lost dream.

The mystery of everything remains the same, yet I love it this way,

What I write here are just a few lines, as empty pages of a notebook await,

My every move, my every trait you have noticed, this excitement showers.

In this aura of an elated state, I follow my heart's voice from within,

Endlessly I collect the sweet honey from our conversations delight.

As I descended upon the shining star, a luminous energy grew intense,

My heart was ablaze, I was lost in the wild torrents of love’s emotions.

When my heart needed your touch, without a whisper, I am caressed,

My emotional peace recovered, as this connection is meant to be!

As two stars collided, heaven and earth were bonded, two into one.


In collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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