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Under African Skies - with @psitsallrandom

She came from beneath the African sky,

A land much akin to my own sun burnt land.

On warm summer nights, the stars shine so bright,

As the reflection of her heart so vivid, filled of youthful life.

Our paths crossed by chance, a gift from the heavens,

Filling the very core of my being with much delight.

He came from the land down under,

But he always made me wonder,

How he carried with him such thunder…

While I was a complete blunder.

He looked like a wilderness hunter,

Beneath the African skies I was mere ‘another’.

As he looked deep into her alluring eyes,

He was drawn through galaxies many galaxies.

He journeyed through many realms, lost in the ages,

On journeys many light years away, still not realised.

Mesmerised he knew, they had walked the ancient highways,

From the beginning of time, they had found heavens bliss.

It was written they sway in life’s rhythm, under African Skies.

She saw him for the first time under the sunset of red and gold.

All her journeys through the wilderness were to behold.

This one moment…now the stars could finally unfold,

Why their journeys had pained them sevenfold,

For destinies that still remained untold,

As they were left under the African Skies exposed.

Comforted in each other they looked to the skies,

For the knowledge of the old and wise,

To seek confirmation of their shared chapters untold.

Wondering how their destinies would now unfold.

Mutual realisation came from the stars shining bright above,

The journeys thus far were certainly to be proud of….

The African skies opened their book and told them how,

To enact the present chapter and journey in the here and now.

Learn life’s beauty, be present through the joys and the struggles,

For they still had to cross many hurdles….

Behold the bonds of ages and journey in unison beneath African skies,

Tomorrow will come as certain that the new day will dawn,

Founded on wisdom of the past, the future is a surprise.

This poem was written in collaboration with @psitsallrandom.

My eternal thanks to PS for making this an enjoyable project.

Cover image credit to Pinterest

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