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Underneath Your Skin - with Tara Aryan

As we dance to the music, I hold your body close,

The scent of your sweet breath upon my cheek intoxicating.

Looking into your eyes, I am drawn in a spiral uncontrolled,

My legs weaken, cold chills spread from my spine.

Smitten by the heavenly vessel I hold, I fear what may lie within,

Is it an angel or a dark medusa that lies beneath the skin I hold?

This road I have travelled in days gone by; deep scars remain.

As you buried yourself in,

Making a home beneath my skin,

Imprinting your venom as you attacked in spite,

I was up against you, losing the will, my fight,

I wanted you so badly, I wanted you to hold,

Yet underneath my skin you allow my blood to run cold,

Frozen in a moment, transfixed in time,

Using my spine as a ladder, to get to my heart you climb,

Tearing me in pieces as I crumple on the floor,

Underneath my skin, you are forever more.

I intend not to make you cold, or worse, falter on the floor,

Instead of venom in your veins, I wish to be life’s sweet wine.

My heart yearns to place you on a golden pedestal so high,

But the scars of those who walked before thee still so raw,

My tainted heart so insecure, as I hold you in my arms.

Heal my broken wings scorched from flying close to the Sun,

And I will fly you to the Moon, bathe you with a love divine,

Build us a home where our bodies can dance in love’s embrace.

Discovering the true essence of who dwells beneath our skin,

Forever unite two divine souls dwelling underneath our skin.

Fix me, heal open wounds beneath each crevice,

Let our time begin,

Even if we live in sin,

Show me how you can settle beneath my skin,

As I breathe you in,

Like fresh air to new lungs,

Soothe the hurt that stung,

As we are two different people,

Who will become one,

Inter-syncing, our hearts a flare,

Even in years to come we will wear,

One another, beneath our layers of skin,

I promise, my love, I am ready for you to delve in.


and @mrs_tara_aryan (Instagram)

Cover Image courtesy of Pinterest

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