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Warriors Princess - with @psitsallrandom

The young warrior ran wild and free across the dusty plains,

A grey wolf in tow, he ran with the wild creatures of the land.

Lost and a thirst to quench he stumbled upon a village unknown,

The people hesitant; the warrior with a wolf in tow they did not know.

Among the people he saw a hidden treasure; shyly she averted his gaze,

To his hearts dismay, the beautiful maiden was the chieftain’s daughter.

The young warrior’s eyes followed her everywhere,

The villagers had shared with him the water he came for,

But it seemed he was not done with the village yet, he lingered on.

Her people were anxious with worry for they found it strange,

To live with a wolf among them; could this warrior be trusted?

Bravely she went to confront him, tell him to be on his way.

Perplexed by her manner, lost for words, he simply nods agreement.

He started to gather his meagre belongings; the wolf looked amused.

A simple task seemed to take him forever, her ire grew with each day,

Gather his bow and quiver, spear in hand he should be long gone.

Now he rallies the men to hunt food, his adept skills wins their favour,

Carrying pales of water for the village maidens, he amuses the people,

The flirtatious giggles of the young maidens seemed to fuel her anger.

When she was alone, she smiled to herself at the warrior’s behaviour.

Did he really think he was the first, that she had not seen others like him?

He thinks he is special…when in fact his only speciality is the wolf in tow.

She thought of the old grey wolf in tow and once again smiled.

The wolf found her amusing, the fierce fire in her eyes drew him to her,

She would give him sweet meats; she was gentle and yet not,

Soon this wolf would spend all his time in the village beside her.

Beneath a gruff exterior, the chief seemed amused, he hides his smile,

He seemed to know his daughter much better than she knew.

When one day she gathers for the morning hunt, spear and bow in hand,

The warrior looked aghast, was she planning to run him off her lands?

Looking for aid he looks at the chief who simply pretends to not see.

The warrior held no fears, but this divine creature has him tied in knots.

Dumbfounded the warrior looks around, perhaps this is his last day.

The warrior walked silently and glum, lost in thoughts of his fate ahead,

She marched with confidence and dexterity, adept with spear and bow.

The wolf walked close to her, the warrior knew she would be protected,

She hunted with precision and knowing, the warrior felt his heart swell,

He knew this woman that caused him grief he was destined to meet.

But he knew not her intention, puzzled he scratched his weary head.

Though he kept up, the wolf seemed her companion; the warrior in tow.

She still did not know what he wanted or the intentions he had,

But the wolf made her believe he meant her no harm...

She wonders how he hunts on his own; the wolf grins, he knows within.

Slowly the thought sinks in; this warrior is a nervous wreck around her,

A smile creeps upon her face as much as she tries to hide it.

She finally turns to the warrior with her fiery eyes ablaze.

He looks at her certain he was the next animal to be hunted,

Maybe he was... she was enjoying this, she wonders once again,

Why the chief sent her on a hunt with him... He still does not say a thing.

Who do you think you are? You think you, a mere warrior,

Who even has no courage to speak in front of me, shall be with me?

Dumbfounded he tries to gather courage as she bursts in fits of laughter.

Looking at the wolf enjoying the scene, a quizzical look, a wag of his tail.

The warrior realises his dreams just may come true...

Abashed by her laughter and verbal onslaught, his warrior pride bristled,

Striding up purposely, he took her in his arms and kissed her in earnest,

To her astonishment, right in front of her tribe’s men.

As walked away without a word, she stood infuriated at first,

But a smile softened her lips, for she knew she had his measure,

She had this strange man, in the palm of her hand.

and @psitsallrandom

Cover Image courtesy of Pinterest

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