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When Love is Not Enough

Ships sail to different horizons once their meet at sea is done,

They do not sail together after their precious cargo is exchanged.

Akin to our lives, once our sharing is done, we go our separate ways,

Once what is meant is complete, we move to the next experience ahead,

A sense of need cannot hold us together when love is not enough.

My hands now shackled, unable to swim against the tides I drown,

In love with what may not be realised, I try to save what is left of me.

You walk with your past, without hope how do I let my love flow?

I was born with love abundant, but it blows in the wind without you.

I can sing the songs written in my heart; without you there is no tune.

Your essence I will always carry within, as I sail in the mists at sea,

The fog of illusion depleting all that I am, a ship at sail with no anchor.

I fill my days with my surrounds, with no passion life remains detached,

In dreams I dream of you, awake my thoughts are filled only of you,

I respect your choices for what is best, even though it does not include me.

My heart I will secure behind fortified walls, none shall look within,

Others will see what is without, within will live in an eternal abyss,

I will find beauty in emptiness, nourish the spark dwelling within to grow.

It takes two hearts and minds for love to realise, else there is only one,

I will walk in solitude on streets less travelled when love is not enough.


Image credits to Pinterest

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