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When Our Worlds Met - with Jenith Minion

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

We dwell in separate worlds, long distances between us.

Chance winds blow unexpected, our unique paths now converge,

The reasons why we may not know, the future will unveil in time.

Words of your heart found me on the ethers; I was touched to my core.

Your heart echoes my inner reflections, elation now my state of being.

Your tender smile from the depths of your core so heart-warming,

Looking deep into your eyes, I see right through to your gentle soul.

When we first met, I felt it was all just a random chain of events,

My excitement close to ecstasy; a fantasy once, now a living reality.

As our emotions we understand, our bond I find to be sincere and true.

The black and the many shades of grey unrevealed, now exposed to heal.

A fortunate feel within as I was recognised; my motivation now spurred,

The strength I get from life experiences you have shared, so invigorating,

As strange as it may all sound, the truth be known, I am ever so glad.

Gazing into your warm brown eyes, I am drawn into the mystic of you.

Spiralling inwards I am drawn to your centre, helplessly I yield.

As I discover your hidden strengths within, my heart swells in admiration.

Defying the cultural dogma that surrounds, you break moulds for change.

Bravely you venture to define who you are, fears do not stand in your way,

You aim to leave the confines of a safe harbour; difficulties deter you not.

Your strengths within, others dream of, but many fail to take the first step.

Joy in my heart risen from the depths of my core, my soul is now evoked,

A touch of eternity creases my mind, a journey of forever, together as we.

Unique in our ways with varied tastes, we share our inner living space,

Our minds collaborate with words created from our tender hearts.

In perfect synchronicity we resonate; each other’s life we identify.

Never in judgement or ever holding the other back, we sail in the winds,

You make each of my days, a garden of smiles and cheer to live within.

Your inner glow evident as I gaze upon your face so radiant,

A happiness emanating from deep within contagious, it fills my heart.

In your vivacious presence time elapses in the blink of an eye,

We meet only on the airways; though we hear, and we see, we cannot touch,

A mind filled of imagination; anticipation is all that we have for now.

In dreams we touch to find life’s elixir; awake we ache with deep longing.

I start to understand that this world is not huge,

But our worlds are so much better, could it be that you know it too,

Perhaps there will come a day when we can explore a world of together.

Unexpected you touched my heart, I am transformed to be the best I can,

You bring out the best in me; my dull core longs to spin around your heart,

With you my world longs to bloom in a blissful heaven of forever.

A life starred with gloomy gasps; there were many lonely days,

With you I have found my serenity; I now ask, what is solidarity?


in collaboration with @jenith_writes (Instagram)

Image credits to Pinterest

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Jun 04, 2021

This is indeed an amazing piece. It was a great honour to have written this collaboration with you. Looking forward to writing more with you. Thank you :)

Jun 08, 2021
Replying to

Thank you ever so much. Your sentiment is reciprocated, I too look forward to further collaborations with you

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