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Whisky Sunrise

City lights, busy streets, gleaming cars cruise slow,

Elongated shadows cast, on paths filled of people,

Adorned in fashions of colour, faces painted bright,

Eager feet tramp worn streets searching fun and glee.

As good friends we meet to find a place to eat,

Empty stomachs once filled we take to the busy street.

Brightly dressed people mingle with smiles to greet,

In search of fine places for their eager souls to meet.

A reputable club we enter filled of glitter and glamour.

Loud music throbs to an energetic beat with no end,

Under strobing lights of colour, new friends we meet,

Our bodies rhythmically dance to the vibrant beats.

As the night wears on, the time for quiet is near,

With new friends in arm, we walk on whisky street.

A bar we soon find, shelves full of fine whisky and mead,

As friends we sit enjoying the many tastes divine.

The barman smiles for the bills in my wallet he holds,

Trade was good, weary now his doors he must close.

Though the night was long, we were not done,

A bayside beach we find, on sand we sit, whisky in hand.

Water slapping our feet, we talk sipping whisky so fine,

Through whisky sodden eyes we watch the morning Sun rise.

Weary in body, a throat so dry, a warm bed now seem wise,

My whisky filled head needs a pillow if tomorrow I must rise.


Cover Image courtesy of Pinterest

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