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Wings of a Raven

As a soft gentle breeze; rustles her long black hair,

The morning sun causing a bright glint; as it reflects her beauty,

Much like the feathers of the raven; as he glides towards the sun,

Freely he soars through a path destined; to who knows where?

Often alone; in the vast blue sky,

The rain and the sun, the hail and the snow; deters him not,

Against all odds; he follows his destiny,

Pause for a while sweet black bird; just a for a little while,

Share thy great wisdom with me; ease my troubled Soul,

Do you not yearn for comforts; away from the cold,

Does your little heart not ache?

For the sweet love; of the beautiful raven-haired maiden,

Do you not wish to rest; hang up your powerful wings of glory,

Perhaps sail her upon thy wings; on the voyage into the unknown,

Do you not long to hear her sweet voice; making music in the sky,

Will you deny her sweet love; break her gentle heart,

Or will you fly away; to return to her another day,

When that day; surely will dawn.

The answers you do not give me; instead, you simply say,

My will is not my own; it is of my creator,

On my return; would she still feel the same,

Share with me forever; the path that lies ahead of her,

In the chill of the night; would she want me to lie down beside her,

Would she wish for the stars; if I gave her the moon,

Would she still want me; when my wings are tired from old,

Or when my feathers no longer shine; in the glow of the sun,

Would she guide my hand; when my eyes can no longer see,

Should I be a burden unto her; when my body is bent and old,

When I lay down beneath the ground; depart into the unknown,

Who would be there then; to keep her body warm,

Who would hold her heart; when darkness falls,

The love that I have for her; from the depths of my soul,

Should I grant it all freely; risk being a burden unto her,

Or shall I hide my sad face; behind the face of the clown,

Cry in the rain; to hide the deep tracks of my tears,

When these answers you have for me; young man of many questions,

The answers you shall have; for your many questions,

Remember thy creator’s law; what is to be, will surely be,

Thus, I say unto thee; man of many questions,

Upon my return; what is to be, will surely be.

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