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With a Raven I Fly

Gently clasping the wing of a raven, I fly towards the Moon,

Weaving through stormy clouds, we fly higher and higher.

The demure bird flies relentlessly, flapping glistening wings,

I do not know where this journey ends, in total trust I fly.

Through sunshine and rain, rainbows and clouds we soar.

This journey so new to me, for I am a creature of the land,

The skies so alien, my feet so far above solid ground.

The raven flies deftly with purpose, trustingly I hold on,

My heart quivers in vulnerability, my face lights up in a smile.

In total faith I leap into a void, against all odds I fly.

Many questions crowd my mind, a deafening noise resides,

What if the raven lets my hand go as we soar high up in the sky?

Will I survive the fall? It is a long way from solid ground.

Perhaps the oceans beneath may save my fall, maybe I survive,

Picking up the pieces, stand myself back up on firmer ground.

The raven casts her eyes my way, a reassurance fills my mind,

Is the destination known or does the raven fly blind of direction?

In total surrender I hold on, trustingly I nurture our loving bond.

Unexpected I gave my heart, willingly I accepted the ride offered,

Anxiousness follows delight, but in total trust, with a raven I fly.


Image credits to Pinterest

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