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Withered Dreams

In the rays of the rising Sun; I see your face A mystical being; descended from the heavens, The radiance of your presence; simply paralysing, I stare in awe; frozen I stand, The winds of heaven blow; tepidly I reach out.

In dreams you come; fill my heart’s desire,

The touch of your essence; heals the scars hidden within,

Memories of yesterday haunting; the future daunting,

Tiredness prevails; I sit in rest,

Gathering the strength; form a will to go on.

If I were a King; you would be a Queen, If I were a clown, you would be my mask, If I am of the Moon; you are of the Sun,

The fire and the rain; sing an eternal long,

Mysteries of the universe; entwine our Souls.

A feather on my pillow; tells me you were here,

An angel from the heavens; sent to rescue a lost soul,

Tears on my pillow; the blood of my Soul,

Walking the path of my dreams; faltering not in fear,

Soaring through wild winds; to set my Soul free.

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