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Poetry by Rainier

Welcome to the Rainier Poetry page. This site provides access to my poetry, publications, social media feeds and various other links associated with my written work. Hope you find the content interesting reading, perhaps even thought-provoking as you journey through your own unique life paths. 

About the Author

I was born on the tropical island of Sri Lanka, where I grew up for the first thirteen years of my life. Due to the nature of my father’s work, I was fortunate to live in most of the key provinces in Sri Lanka which provided me the opportunity to see the country in entirety and gain exposure to the cultural foundations of the country.

After losing my father at an early age, I migrated to Melbourne, Australia along with my mother and siblings to start a new chapter in life. From adolescence through to adulthood, I was further exposed to a wide variety of cultural backgrounds through Melbourne’s wide multicultural society.

Driven by events in life, I travelled the expanse of Australia, aimlessly riding in the wind with no set destination or schedule, home was where I lay my head. The journey consumed many years of my life, after which, I returned to build a foundation in Melbourne. 

Events that transpired over the journey inspired me to reflect on life’s meaning, and I commenced writing for my own personal self-expression. Many years later, I elected to expose my work to a wider audience through various social platforms. 

Following the release of my first book “Life! The Journey of the Soul” in July 2021, I continued with a lyrical narrative of life’s journey in my new publication, “Growth! Enlightenment of the Soul”.

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Life! The Journey of the Soul

A debut publication of poetry written from the heart by Rainier.

Softcover and e-book versions available from:

Growth! Enlightenment of the Soul

Second publication of poetry written from the heart by Rainier.

Softcover and e-book versions available from:

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