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Life! The Journey of the Soul

In reading the words herein, the words of a nobody, a simple Soul walking a path through life, a school with the grandest classroom. May you find enjoyment and satisfaction, if not simply interesting reading.


I received great satisfaction in writing the words herein, but more so in living through each experience; learning from each interlude, soaring with each success and moments of joy, shedding tears in times of failure and sadness, basking in life’s vigorous energies caused by the many experiences in our interlinked lives, being a minute part of an enormous web woven through creation.


Learn what you may from my experiences, thoughts and feelings that I have shared with you, may they instigate your own individual thoughts as you move through the varying experiences of your own unique journey.  Always remembering dear friends, each of our answers lie deep within ourselves, the many signposts stationed along each of our paths through life, simply show us the way back home, the way to our point of completeness, where we all once started, the place of our fulfilment.


As we each move through the fabric of time, nearing a point where all is one and one is all, I wish each of you the strength you will need, to walk through life’s way, climbing each hurdle, learning its wisdom, venturing to the next, enjoying each step, for life remains, our greatest gift of all.


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Life! The Journey of the Soul

A debut publication of poetry written from the heart by Rainier.

Softcover and e-book versions available from: